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    Just wanted to know a bit about your advice for getting started in building a CV and getting experience for SEM? I am a 4th year medical student and I really want to look into the career but my medical school offers no experience in this field so I have nowhere to start. Are there any courses I should attend or should I just email SEM doctors asking for shadowing experience.
    Is it at all possibile to get involved with your society at all, even if it is just helping out with bits and pieces?


    Sorry for the slow reply. Its great to hear you are interested in SEM. What medical school are you at? Many medical schools have SEM societies I would encourage you to get involved with. It is also a great idea to try and organise some shadowing – you could try contacting SEM consultants or local sports teams and of course you could arrange an SEM elective (see our electives page). Keep a look out for conferences in Sports med – BASEM has a big one every autumn but there are also lots of smaller conferences which are a great way to network and meet like minded people. If you would be interested in getting involved with ECOSEP please contact Montana Jackson who is the chair of the medical student committee and of course follow our twitter and facebook pages!
    Hopefully see you at an event soon

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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