SEM Career Pathway – Germany

The current training pathway in Germany as described by Dr Martin Marzouk –

“First, you have to finish you intern time in a field with direct patient contacts such as trauma and orthopedic surgery, general surgery or a field of internal medicine i.e. cardiology. This time of specialization can be done as soon as you finish university, it ends with an oral exam which is called “Facharztprüfung” (= specialized doctors exam). Registration to this exam requires at least 5-6 years of work experience in your chosen field as well as a catalog of various surgeries, and/or diagnostic procedures you have to have done yourself or under professional supervision.
Secondly, you have to complete a 240-hour course over several days in sports and exercise medicine run by a licensed DGSP (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sportmedicine und Prävention = German committee for sports medicine and prevention) instructor preferably during your time as an intern.
And lastly, you have to prove 120 hours of work over one year as an SEM doctor for a sports club.
Meeting all three requirements you can apply for the exam to become a licensed SEM MD in Germany.”